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Shut down PCs remotely using the command line or a GUI

Shut down PCs remotely using the command line or a GUI.

This easy GUI is available from the "Run" command in the Start menu. Click on "Run" and then type "shutdown -i."...

You can then browse for the PC you want to reboot, shut down or logoff. If you'd like, you can inform the user and set a buffer time to allow the user to save work.

You can force PCs to reboot by using the command prompt version. For example: "shutdown /r /t xxx /f /m myworkstation."

The "/r" stands for reboot. You can replace it with "/s" for shutdown or "/l" to log the user off.
The "/t xxx" is the time allowed before rebooting --you change the xxx to any digit in seconds.
The "/f" is force -- you can choose to use or drop this.
The "/m myworkstation" specifies the PC in question. You can replace "myworkstation" with other PC names or IP addresses.

You can also create a text file with the shut down commands for all the company workstations. Change the extension to .bat and schedule the program to run every evening at 2am, to ensure all PCs are regularly rebooted.

Editor's Note: User feedback to this tip has indicated that you must have the resource kit installed in order for this to work.

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