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Spread Media Player power

You can easily deploy Windows Media Player 10 across your company by creating an .msi file in four easy steps.

Follow these four easy steps to create an .msi file for Windows Media Player 10, and you can deploy it across your company.

1. Download Windows Media Player 10:

2. Download the Enterprise Deployment Pack (EDP)

Change Select Download to Enterprise Downloads.
Change Select Version to Enterprise Deployment Pack.
Click on Windows Media Enterprise Deployment Pack. Download the EDP and White Paper and install the Enterprise Deployment Pack.

3. Build Process
Rename MP10Setup.exe to mpsetup.exe and copy it to the MP9SEDP\Redist folder.
Start the EDP by selecting "Windows Media-Enterprise Deployment Pack-Build Installation Package."
When you are prompted to set Windows Media Player as the default playback software on the system, type Y.
When you are prompted to include custom settings, type N.
The build process will take five to 10 minutes. Once completed, it will save an .msi called Mpsetupedp.msi in the \MP9SEDP\Release folder.

4. Modification
You can modify the .msi to reflect the correct version number by using any .msi editor.

To use Orca, refer to:;EN-US;255905.

In order to obtain Orca.msi you will have to install the Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 (core as well as the Windows Installer SDK 2.0 -- that is around 170+ Mb download for a 2.4 MB .msi!).

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