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Spybot teams up with SMS to clean desktops

Spybot-S&D is a simple SMS package that lets you clean desktops of spyware.

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Here is a simple SMS package, which lets your users or techies clean their desktops of spyware, and that you can easily set as a mandatory or nonmandatory job. While there are many different cleaners out there, I found Spybot-S&D to be the easiest to configure to run as an SMS job with the best results.

First, download Spybot-S&D from the home location at Select the machine you want to install the application on so you can get the directory structure laid out to copy to a source location for SMS. I tested this a few ways before I came up with this solution, but the IPF provided below will be detailed out enough for you to get the gist of things.

Download SMS Installer Script:

After you have the application installed, copy the whole Spybot-S&D and its subdirectories to your SMS source location. The compiled IPF completes the following tasks:

  • Creates local directories needed for Spybot to run from a deployment point or share.
  • Creates registry entries needed for Spybot to run from a deployment point or share.
  • Allows the job to run from the share or a local install. You will see options in the IPF for local/share options.

  • Run pybotsd.exe with the following parameters:
    /taskbarhide /minimized /autoupdate /autocheck /autofix /autoclose.
    See the>FAQ for details on these commands. The options used above provide auto-updating and very minimal options for the user.
  • Cleans out old log files and then displays current info and fixes in an Explorer window. This can also be stopped or commented out from the IPF.

By following the method of installing on a test machine first, you won't have to install Spybot on each machine in SMS to get the job to run. However, this option is still available in the IPF; it's just commented out by default.

The IPF and its compiled .exe will need to be placed in the source directory and replicated out to your deployment points. We have been using the SMS package as a non-mandatory job so it can be run by techies on desk-side visits or via remote control. You could easily set this up as a reoccurring job by commenting out the last line and recompiling.

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Michael Mott is an SMS administrator for Pfizer Inc. He can be reached at

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