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User cannot log on locally after group membership modification

The "Users and Passwords" tool in Win2k Pro to alter a user's group membership may cause the user unable to logon locally.

If an Administrator uses the Users and Passwords tool on a Windows 2000 Professional computer to alter a user's group membership, the user may not be able to logon locally.

When you use the Control Panel/Users and Passwords tool and select a local user's Properties/Group Membership/Other/ , and add the user, all other group memberships are deleted.

If the group that the user is a member of does not have the log on locally right, they will be unable to log on.

Use Computer Management to add the user to groups that have the right to log on locally, and to manage local group membership in the future. You can also open a CMD prompt and use:

  • net localgroup "Group Name" "User Name" /ADD

  • net localgroup "Group Name" "User Name" /DEL

    NOTE: If "User Name" uses the "Domain Name Domain User Name" syntax, you can add a domain user to a local group.

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