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Web security tactics that harden Windows networks

Your network may not know it, but it faces terrible dangers from the Web. Learn how to protect yourself against Web-based attacks, how to recover when breaches do occur and how to protect yourself against the number one Web-based security threat.

A determined hacker can use a variety of methods to turn your Web applications and servers into staging points for a complete network invasion. If you don't take proper Web security precautions and stay on top of Web server security and Web application security, you stand to lose both money and productivity, as well as valuable customer data. In this podcast with security expert Serdar Yegulalp, learn what you can do to protect your network and your company from these dangers, what you can do if your Windows network experiences a breach and all about the number one Web-based danger to your network.

(0:48) What is the danger for companies that do not take proper precautions with Web servers, IIS and IE security?

(2:22) How can companies secure Web servers and applications to make sure security breaches do not occur?

(3:36) What can a company do once a breach has already occurred?

(5:13) What is the most common way that a hacker could use a Web server or app to break into a network that admins might not be aware of?

(6:27) What about threats from inside the organization? What kinds of threats do administrators face from their own employees, either accidental or malicious?

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