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Windows Vista security: Top 10 tips of 2007

The top 10 Vista security tips of 2007 can teach you how to hack into Vista to test security features, encrypt the new operating system and secure removable storage devices in Group Policy. This top 10 list also features reviews of Windows Defender, the Vista Security Center as well as the much-maligned User Account Control (UAC).

Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of Redmond in 2007 was Windows Vista, touted as Microsoft's most secure operating system to date. Over the past year, our experts covered various Vista topics like hacking into Vista to test security, Windows encryption in Vista, User Account Control (UAC), Windows Defender and BitLocker.

Hack into Windows Vista to test security features
Hack into Vista and see if you can find any vulnerabilities. Kevin Beaver shows you how.

Remote Desktop gets a bit more secure
Read all about an important change in security for Remote Desktop in this excerpt from chapter one of Mark Minasi's book, Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises.

How to use BitLocker without TPM in Vista
Learn how to use Windows Vista BitLocker on a computer without TPM and encrypt your hard drive with this step-by-step guide.

Microsoft Windows Vista: A review of UAC
User Account Control is a new Vista security feature. Serdar Yegulalp shares some UAC guidelines in this tip. Also, tune in to Serdar's UAC podcast.

Secure removable storage devices via Group Policy in Vista
Secure your network further and prevent threats from entering your system by disabling storage devices through Group Policy in Vista. Find out how in this tip.

TrueCrypt 4.3: A full-volume encryption option for Windows Vista
TrueCrypt 4.3 allows for whole and virtual drive encryption in Vista, unlike Encrypting File Systems and BitlLocker. Learn more about this third-party product and how it works.

Microsoft Windows Vista Security Center review
The Microsoft Security Center has been expanded in Vista. Read about the Windows Vista firewall, Windows Defender updates and whether or not you should disable the Security Center.

Microsoft Windows Vista: Windows Defender review
Will Windows Defender in Vista be the cure-all solution that prevents malware from infecting your Windows systems for good? Find out in this Windows Defender review.

Windows Vista: Encrypting File System redesigned
Encrypting File System in Windows Vista undergoes a makeover with new features, but don't get it confused with BitLocker.

Does Vista mean the end of malware?
Security expert Serdar Yegulalp explains how Vista beta testers' feedback has enhanced Windows security.

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