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  • The top five Windows security threats - A hacker's valentine

    Hackers often utilize holidays to gain an advantage, so what more fitting way to ring in a Happy Valentine's day than to uncover a few nasty hacks involving your Windows systems? Here are five Windows threats from contributor Kevin Beaver that you ...  Continue Reading

  • Keylogger basics

    Keyloggers are one of those malicious computer infections that are an explicit danger to your security. By logging sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers keystroke loggers are more of a threat to security than annoying adware. ...  Continue Reading

  • Top 5 Windows hardening tips of 2005

    With the closing of 2005 we wanted to take a look at some of the site's highlights over the last year. These are our most highly rated tips of the last year. They cover everything from user education to locking down XP workstations.  Continue Reading

  • Social engineering tactics for Windows users

    People are generally a little nicer around the holidays, and many hackers are counting on it. Hackers prey on human nature with social engineering tactics designed to acquire user credentials and passwords or gain entry to restricted areas. ...  Continue Reading

  • Hack-proofing your clients

    Not patching or leaving default configurations can be a welcome mat to malicious hackers. Make your clients less hospitable to hackers with these steps from contributor Tony Bradley.  Continue Reading