Windows 10

  • How to Bypass BIOS Passwords

    BIOS passwords can be a liability if a user forgets his password. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help to bypass or reset the BIOS password on most systems.  Continue Reading

  • Patching Windows compared to Linux

    When it comes to Windows versus Linux, patching vulnerabilities is an often overlooked arena of comparison. In many ways, though, ease of patching can determine overall security, says security guru Jonathan Hassell. In this article, Hassell compares...  Continue Reading

  • Fixing bugs in Windows XP

    Windows XP bugs can be an annoyance, but if you follow some basic procedures, you can better apply the resources available to you, like patches, hotfixes, the Microsoft Knowledgebase and various Internet sites.  Continue Reading

  • Scripting resources to automate patching

    Although lacking the bells and whistles of commercial patching tools, scripts can offer a quick and simple way to automate Windows patch deployment. Contributor Tony Bradley identifies several handy patching scripts and resources in this tip.  Continue Reading