Windows applications

  • Internet Explorer 7: How it can make your life easier

    Internet Explorer 7 is still in beta, but knowing and using the new security features in IE 7 can make any security administrator's life easier. Contributor and Microsoft MVP Brien Posey highlights some of the features that should be ready for prime...  Continue Reading

  • Simple encryption: Locknote

    Full disk encryption is nice for securing laptops, but it can be cumbersome and complicated for your users. What if you just need occasional encryption for sensitive documents? Contributor Serdar Yegulalp recommends LockNote, a free text editor with...  Continue Reading

  • Knoppix Hacks: Use Knoppix to rescue Windows

    In "Knoppix Hacks," author Kyle Rankin explains how the Knoppix CD can be used as an indispensable, multi-purpose tool for administrators. One of the many things Knoppix can accomplish is rescuing Windows. In this e-mail exchange, Rankin provides ...  Continue Reading

  • Optimizing Internet Explorer security settings

    Achieving the perfect balance between usability and security within Internet Explorer can be a tricky business. Contributor Brien Posey recommends the use of IE content zones and he also explains how to import and distribute a list of restricted ...  Continue Reading