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How to secure Microsoft Windows 7

This excerpt from "Microsoft Windows 7 Unleashed" dissects Windows 7 security, providing tips on protecting your PC from computer hackers to advice on managing Windows Firewall.

Get ready to feel secure. In this excerpt from Microsoft Windows 7 Unleashed, author Paul McFedires explains general computer security for Windows 7, including tips on protecting your computer from direct attacks and advice on managing Windows Firewall.

McFedires discusses the importance of locking your computer and requiring Ctrl+Alt+Delete at Startup to prevent snoops and crackers. He also provides a step-by-step guide on checking your computer's default security settings and ensuring they are turned on, or off.

About the book

This chapter excerpt from Microsoft Windows 7 Unleashed, by Paul McFedries, is printed with permission from Sams Publishing, Copyright 2009.

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Some folks claim that you can never be too thin or too rich. Other folks might give you an argument about one or both assertions, but I doubt anyone would take you to task if you added a third item to the list: Your Windows PC can never be too secure. There are just too many threats out there, and too many ways that the defenses in Windows can be breached.

With that in mind, this book gives you no less than seven chapters that cover various aspects of Windows 7 security, including web security, email security, file system security, user security, wired network security, and wireless network security.

In this chapter, I focus on general PC security, including basic precautions that everyone should take, a review of your computer's security settings, and instructions for managing your first line of Windows 7 defense: Windows Firewall.

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