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Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: New features and some that have been retired

These excerpts from "Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: The Complete Reference" provide info on some of the new features included with Project Server 2007, as well as those that have been left out.

The previous version of Project Server (Project Server 2003) was a solid solution for organizations looking for an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) toolset. It was flexible and was usually a good choice, especially when put in context of the costs of its competition. Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 is a major leap forward from the feature and function perspective. There are a host of new features and improvements. There are also a small number of features that are no longer available. This chapter covers both.

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 Home: Introduction
 Tip 1: New Project Web Access features
 Tip 2: A look at Project Professional 2007
 Tip 3: Features no longer available

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: The Complete Reference These chapter excerpts from Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: The Complete Reference, by Dave Gochberg and Rob Stewart, are printed with permission from McGraw-Hill, Copyright 2008.

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