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Password Hardening Journal

One of the forgotten elements of a truly secure infrastructure is password security. If a hacker can break through your password defenses, he will have unchecked access to everything that an authorized user or even a network administrator has. Check out the pieces in this journal to find out how to secure your organization at this often overlooked password level.



The first step in stopping a hacker is to think like one. If you can't crack a password that you created yourself, then a hacker is that much more unlikely to be able to accomplish the feat. Check out this series of tips to see how to harden and find out if your methods (or lack thereof) of password creation and management fall into the best-practices bucket.

In our featured password hardening tip, "How to Bypass BIOS passwords", we provide you with a list of known BIOS passwords that you can use in the event that you forget your password. We also supply you with a series of quick tips and password cracking software.



Are you having issues creating passwords that are secure enough to adequately protect your network? Have you forgotten your password and need a way around it? Or are you just curious about password management best practices? Our IT security experts are all fully capable of answering any password related questions you might have.

If the questions and answers listed above don't help you, feel free to pose your own question to experts Kevin Beaver, Jonathan Hassell or Wes Noonan.

Click on this section's feature tip for a collection of quick questions and answers from our site experts.

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