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Step 2: Know where spyware comes from

Spyware most commonly enters a computer one of two ways: silently, through a Web page, or bundled with another software program.

Spyware most commonly enters a computer one of two ways:

  1. It's loaded silently via a Web page, often through a pop-up window or a hidden frame. No warning is given that the page is attempting to install a program, unless the Web browser is specifically designed to warn the user of such things. (The first edition of Internet Explorer 6 and all previous versions of Internet Explorer were vulnerable in this fashion.)

  2. It's bundled with another software program, often as a way of generating advertising revenue to support that program's development.

The first of these two vectors is by far the most broadly used -- especially in organizations where desktops have not been correctly secured and browser plug-ins can install with impunity. The second isn't as widespread, but still popular, since you may install what you think is a free application and only find out later that it's harboring spyware.

How to remove spyware

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 Step 2: Know where spyware comes from
 Step 3: Recognize how spyware acts
 Step 4: Understand what damage spyware can cause
 Step 5: Choose tools to clean up spyware
 Step 6: Use these advanced techniques to clean up spyware
 Step 7: Install service packs to prevent spyware infections
 Step 8: Take additional initiatives to prevent spyware infections
 Step 9: Plan ahead for new spyware tactics

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