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Step-by-Step Guide: How to remove spyware (for end users)

Tired cleaning up spyware problems on a case-by-case basis? This guide will help you teach end users to recognize spyware, and ultimately clean up infections without your help.

An end-user's home page has changed to a shopping Web site. Another is getting an inordinate amount of pop-up advertisements, even when idle. Yet another is annoyed by a toolbar that expands every time she uses her browser search functionality. None of them know what exactly caused the problems or how they got there. As the IT administrator or manager for your company, you realize that the problems are all being caused by spyware. However, you're already overworked and have no time to run computer to computer to fix every problem. That's where this step-by-step guide comes in handy.

This guide is designed to educate end users about spyware problems and help them clean up and prevent infections without your help. It will help them understand what spyware looks like, where it comes from, how it acts and what damage it causes. It will then provide them with basic and advanced clean-up techniques, as well as steps for preventing future infections. Use it as a handout and let us know if it's helping. Good luck!


How to remove spyware

 Home: Introduction
 Step 1: Get familiar with spyware now if not already
 Step 2: Know where spyware comes from
 Step 3: Recognize how spyware acts
 Step 4: Understand what damage spyware can cause
 Step 5: Choose tools to clean up spyware
 Step 6: Use these advanced techniques to clean up spyware
 Step 7: Install service packs to prevent spyware infections
 Step 8: Take additional initiatives to prevent spyware infections
 Step 9: Plan ahead for new spyware tactics


If you prefer to print and hand out the guide, click here for the .pdf.


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