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Pros and cons of Windows 7 vs. Windows 8

As enterprises move from Windows XP, desktop administrators have to weigh the potential advantages and disadvantages of Windows 7 versus Windows 8 for their organizations. Do users prefer Windows 7's interface? Is Windows 8 more secure? What if IT must support both operating systems?

Associate Managing Editor Eugene Demaitre sat down with security consultant Kevin Beaver and Microsoft MVP and writer Brien Posey to discuss Windows 7 vs. Windows 8. Both experts had a lot to say about the differences between the OSes, as well as reasons for and against moving and potential challenges with security and licensing.

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Please include the Microsoft SQL; and Windows 2012 features.
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Whatever OS you prefer, you can only hold out so long before you have to move up. Sure, Windows 7 will probably be around as long as XP was, but as far as new features are concerned you have to move up to use them. I'm studying for the Microsoft 70-410 exam right now and a lot of things seem to be "only Windows 8 and Window Server 2012 R2".
The road to adopt Win 7 is a long one since it was introduced at my work in 2009. But now it has been adopted and deployed after long testing and fine tune to work out all compatibility issues. Since Win 8 came out, the reception was very poor due to its awkward interface that borrows from the tablet screen. Until Microsoft returns to Start button (in Win 9) I'm afraid enterprise customers are not willing to upgrade from Win 7 stable. Win 7 is going to stay put for some time like what XP did for its life product cycle.